The Warmia and Mazury Regional Tourism Organisation

The Warmia and Mazury Regional Tourism Organisation (W-MROT) was listed in the National Court Register in January 2003 although it only began its operations on 1 July 2003 by opening an office, which was established on the basis of the Department for Tourism and Promotion of the Region at the Marshall’s office. The Warmia and Mazury Regional Tourism Operation is an association whose ordinary members are both individuals and legal entities.

It was founded following changes in the tourism management, which took into account the experiences of countries with well-developed tourism infrastructures. It was therefore decided that national-level tourism organization objectives would be realized by the Polish Tourism Organisation in Warsaw, at the level of the province by the Regional Tourism Organisation and, further down the line, at the municipal and district level, by their local counterparts.

Once W-MROT was established, the Marshal of the Warmia and Mazury Province transferred all responsibilities and tasks relating to the promotion of tourism in the region from the Province Centre for Tourism Information to the newly founded organization.

The main objectives of WMROT are:
• accumulating financial resources for tourism development
• buidling an image of the region as a place attractive to tourists

• creating the platform for cooperation between tourist organisations and public administration, including the Polish Tourism Organisation.

These objectives are realized through:
• publishing activities - promotional and commercial publications
• promotion of the region in the domestic and foreign markets
• operation of the Regional Tourist Information Centre,
• participation in and organization of promotional events
• coordination of activities for the development of tourism in the region,
• creation of a regional system of tourist information and incorporating it into the national system
• assistance in developing local tourism organizations