Polish Military Theme Path on the fair Pro Defense

From the battle of Cedynia to the conquest of space – visitors who come to the Expo Mazury Trade Fairs in Ostróda between 1 and 4 June are in for a great treat. Visitors will get the opportunity to experience the history of the Polish military thanks to exhibits borrowed from many Polish museums. The path will also feature almost 140 members of re-enactment groups who will be talking about their respective historical periods.


The Historical and Educational Polish Military Theme Path was developed for all visitors of the 2017 Pro Defence Trade Fairs that will take place between 1 and 4 June in the Expo Mazury Exhibition and Conference Centre. The Trade Fairs will offer them a chance to learn about and experience the Polish history (especially history of the Polish military system), develop patriotic awareness and familiarise themselves with the concept of national pro-defence.

The Path will offer visitors the opportunity to verify their historical knowledge by taking part in a competition that will be organised on a special obstacle course. Competitors will be asked not only to run the course as fast as possible but also to take a test in the history of the Polish weaponry.


The Polish Military Theme Path is presented under the auspices of the Polish Armaments Group.

(The exhibit in the photo comes from the collection of the Museum of Land Forces in Bydgoszcz)