Conference Center

Conference in EXPO MAZURY

Organise your conference or business meeting with bravado and gusto!

Our new conference centre offers unlimited opportunities for carrying out creative ideas and implementing out-of-the-box solutions worthy of a modern enterprise. Poland has been witnessing unprecedented growth in business events and conferences for more than a decade now. Organisers and participants alike expect to be surprised by something new, dazzled and inspired. Thanks to new venues such as EXPO MAZURY your conferences may soon become a key tool of communication with clients, employees and business partners; all they need to do is ensure both valuable content and unforgettable sensations, thanks to visual messages, the play of light and shadow, spatial arrangements and the freedom that stimulates intellectual effort. All this is within reach of your hand at the Expo Mazury Exhibition and Conference Centre.

As reported by international experts in the publication entitled “Meetings Move Us Forward” (MPI 2014), the most important benefits for companies and associations who commission conferences and events include:

  • Gaining and transferring knowledge
  • Motivating participants
  • Developing (often innovative) solutions
  • Networking
  • Selling products/services
  • Business growth
  • Disseminating and promoting brands, cities and regions.

We will make your event a success!


The conference rooms of EXPO MAZURY in Ostróda can accommodate up to 20,000 congress participants

The EXPO MAZURY Exhibition and Conference Centre is located right along the Warsaw-Gdańsk route and provides access to extensive car parking facilities. Your guests will be impressed by our spacious and elegant reception hall. We offer more than 2,000 sq. m. of conference space, including modular rooms seating 100 to 400 guests. A great venue for talks and integration, but also for shows, galas and special events!

For your convenience, we will also be available for contact at our Trade Offices in Warsaw and Gdańsk. Do not hesitate to drop us a line!